Somerset Cold Deck

With its clean lines and high quality finish this Cold Deck offers versatility for a range of food presentations. Whether it be a sushi deck or breakfast bar this Somerset cabinet lets food look great.

Available in lengths of: 1155 (3 pan), 1480 (4 pan), 1805 (5 pan) and 2130mm (6 pan)

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Standard Features

  • Coiled copper refrigeration of base of well
  • Well fully insulated with polyurethane foam
  • Planar glass canopy as standard
  • Designer overhead SlimLED lighting system with 12V safety
  • Refrigeration unit provided as Integral (condenser in cradle)
  • Relies on contact refrigeration: product temperature achieved is dependent on degree of container contact with deck and density of product

Custom Features

  • Height of well can be 20mm or more
  • Width of well flange can be 50mm or more
  • Length and depth of well can be built to custom dimensions
  • Can be designed to accommodate Gastronorm pans, sushi trays or other containers
  • Sushi trays, powder-coated to colour of choice, are available

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